Reviewing my previous blogs, I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new Weekly Writing Tip. I was surprised to discover I didn’t add any new material in 2021. Ah well, we all had big hopes that things would return close to “normal” during 2021, but the world became a mixed-up, confusing, and increasingly stressful place instead.

My faithful followers and friends know that 2021 was an especially tough year for me, as my mother’s health deteriorated. She had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in late 2016 and went into remission following treatment in an amazing clinical trial. However, a couple of years later, she underwent additional rounds of chemotherapy and radiation as the cancer gradually returned. We fought through it together, isolated in our own little bubble during the pandemic these last two years. The two of us, separated from the rest of the world. “We are a team,” was our motto. In spring 2021, when the treatments no longer helped, she transitioned into palliative care. And my primary caregiver responsibilities grew into full-time care and management.

My mother passed peacefully on January 24, 2022. I’ve taken time to grieve, rest, and recover. And I’m gradually exposing my mind to more of the outside world again, reconnecting with the friends who were marginalized from my (non-existent) social life during covid and cancer. And I’m thinking about work. It feels great to be out in the world again! I’m still careful about my in-person interactions, even being triple-vaccinated and wearing a mask.

The formal Weekly Writing Tip will return next Wednesday, March 23. I have some ideas for a first topic, but I welcome your suggestions for what you’d like to read, to help get you inspired to improve your writing. You can submit your thoughts or questions in the comment section below, and I look forward to addressing them!

In the meantime, this Friday I’ll post an important and timely blog – an online auction of a very special, memory-filled item from my mother’s estate. The proceeds will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, so that, in some small way, we can support the people of Ukraine in these desperate times. My mother would be pleased we’re doing this.

Check back in at this space on Friday morning to see what we’ve put up for auction and for your opportunity to bid.

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I’d appreciate your feedback on this week’s tip and welcome suggestions for future weekly writing tips.